Delomid Agency manages the career of sportsmen (sport and extra-sport).

We offer a full range of expert services dedicated to talent !

Delomid Agency

Your talent, our expertise.

Throughout your career as a high-level professional sportsman, you are facing challenges. Our specialists are at your side to support you in your success.

Our values: Integrity, Teamwork, Respect and Perseverance

We commit ourselves

To provide placement and transfer sportsmen. We support and understand our players in their development and help them achieve their success.
As every talent is unique, the agency provides a personalized support for the career of each player. Its qualities, motivation, personality will be considered by own team. We also follow the preparation of pre and post season for each player. These are highly trained by professionals who take charge in the most appropriate infrastructure.
Our professional players also benefit from the services of psychologists to maximize their well-being and their talent. Our team promotes the image of your talent by managing the media exposure. We take seriously our responsibility of promoting our professional athletes both for their talent and for their human qualities. In terms of public relations, we are in permanent contact with clubs where players evolve. We promise to convey to leaders and coaches all information related to the evolution of the player, by appropriate ways.
Delomid Agency manages contracts from A to Z. We manage all administrative elements related to all types of contracts the player must sign and we work with specific insurance coverage. We also take care of finding sponsors and insurance contracts. Our specialised legal service is the guarantor of a serious coaching. Our lawyers support the player throughout his career and help prepare the contract’s reconversion.

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